Wooden Coat Rack Wall Mounted in Hallway - Solid Wood

Unique Coat Racks in Wood

The coat racks found at KNAX Shop are unparalleled in their quality, design, and functionality. Comprised of gorgeous and durable solid wood, they are supported by robust metal hooks. These hooks come standard in gray or can be treated with a black finish. Currently, we are offering a special edition hook in brass. You can also make special requests for alternative colors. There are also unique types of hooks, including the rectangle flip hook. Adding to the exclusivity of every coat hanger is the fact that each one is different, thanks to the natural nuances of the wood that is utilized. In addition, each one is assembled by hand from a solitary wooden plank.

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Soaped Oak

Price 160 $
Handcrafted from solid wood, soaped oak coat racks provide a soft, elegant look and offer long-lasting durability. Their subtle finish allows the...

Maple Lacquer

Price 160 $
Fine wood grain and gentle color of maple make these Scandinavian handmade coat racks a chic addition to any space. Lacquer finish provides a...

Beech Lacquer

Price 241 $
Strong in both function and design, our handcrafted versatile wood coat racks in beech lacquer provide long-lasting beauty. Their light color...

Birch Lacquer

Price 123 $
These wall-mount KNAX coat racks of European birch are made with a light varnish to protect the wood and bring out its subtle splendor....

Oak Oiled

Price 123 $
Slightly darker than soaped oak, these oak racks have a quality oil finish, giving the wood maximum protection. They require minimal space, so...

Cherry Lacquer

Price 195 $
The distinctive reddish-brown hue of cherry wood makes these coat racks a must if you want a stunning accent to your home or business decor....

Walnut Oiled

Price 160 $
For a unique and sophisticated accent, you can’t go wrong with these walnut wood coat racks. The timeless beauty of walnut wood’s rich...

Mahogany Lacquer

Price 160 $
“Exquisite” describes these impeccably handmade coat racks in mahogany . Made with a durable lacquer finish to protect the wood while bringing...

Oak Smoked

Price 160 $
KNAX smoked oak minimalist wood coat racks with their warm brown hue add a rich, sophisticated look to any space. Sleek wall-mount design lets...

Black stained oak

Price 160 $
KNAX wall-mount coat racks in black stained oak finish add a luxurious touch to home, apartment, office, lobby, or any space where you want to...