About LoCa and Harrit & Sørensen design

Simple & functional design in good materials

The history started in 1992 when Thorkild Lundsgaard, owner of LoCa, decided to create an attractive and simple coat rack in his garage, and made the first KNAX prototyp.

About LoCa

  • The KNAX coat rack has been manufactured since 1995
  • LoCa also produces mirrors, hall stands, coat hangers, hat and shoe racks
  • Design: Harrit & Sørensen A/S
  • Production is located in Tureby, Denmark, and LoCa currently employs about 10 people
  • The coat rack's springs have been tested 500 000 times at Teknologisk Institut without braking

"A new classic design icon", jounalist Lisbeth Tolstrup, Jyllands-Posten.

Visit : loca.dk

KNAX by LoCa Denmark

About the Designers - Harrit & Sørensen A/S 

Thomas Harrit and Nicolai Sørensen met during their studies at the Danish Design School, where they graduated from in 1991. The creation of the KNAX coat rack was one of their first assignments, and still one the agency's best selling design.
Harrit & Sørensen came up with the name "KNAX" from the sound the hook makes when it snaps back into place.
Their Company is based in Holte, Denmark.
Since then they have been designing all of LoCa's new products. 
They have also created industrial design for a number of other Danish companies (Danfoss, Hardy, Le Klint, Coloplast, Novo Nordisk...).
They have received many awards for their work, at a national and international level.
 Harrit&Sørensen design

Thomas Harrit & Nicolai Sørensen

Formland Design Award 1995

In 1995 Thorkild introduced the KNAX coat rack to the public at a trade fair in Herning, Denmark. He was very happy to go home as the Formland Award winner. This award is presented to the most innovative design of the year. This was further motivation for Thorkild to carry on with his entrepreunarial dream.

KNAX design award

By: Jacob Nielsen